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"We're dedicated to bringing together Filipino workers, and others, from around the world!"

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About FIP

The ©Filipino International Professionals (FIP) is an organization created to meet the need of Filipino workers/professionals and Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) worldwide to unite and connect with each other.  FIP is designed as a business and social networking group for Filipino workers, as well as other people of different nationalities/country of origin/citizenship, all over the world.

FIP is a forum for Filipino workers/professionals/OFWs globally to share their views, questions, concerns, expertise, stories, and pictures/videos, Filipino food recipes, among other things.  Non-Filipinos will serve as ambassadors to support FIP's goal, as well as to network with Filipinos.

FIP members can re-connect with friends, make new ones, promote their business, organize events in their area, help/support each other, and build relationships.

Membership for FIP is 100% FREE! Registration is user-friendly and easy!  

Members are invited to visit the site (www.filipinoip.org) often to view and post updates, and to see new members who may be in the same business/industry, or in the same location.

Members are also encouraged to spread the word to grow the organization.  FIP aims to be the premier organization for Filipino workers/professionals/OFWs internationally.

For questions, comments and suggestions, please email info@filipinoip.org.

Do I have to be a Filipino to join?

NO!  Although FIP is mainly dedicated to global Filipino professionals/OFWs, people of other nationalities/country of origin/citizenship are welcome to join for support and networking purposes.

Non-Filipino members will be ambassadors to help FIP's cause of uniting Filipino professionals, promote the organization, and inform their Filipino connections.

Note: Some Filipino members may choose to use Tagalog (National Language of the Philippines) or other Filipino languages.

Thank you for joining FIP!

(Founder, USA)



Connect with members.

Network with other Filipino professionals and non-Filipino supporters/friends globally.

Create, join, and manage custom groups.

Manage your own custom groups based on your profession, interests, location, and more!

Stay informed on events in your area.

Meet other members and supporters/ friends at events in your area to network in person.

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Meet the Founder

Victor D. Cabiles (Founder, USA)

Filipino International Professionals (FIP)

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Victor or Vic created Filipino International Professionals (FIP) to bring together Filipino workers/professionals/OFWs, and others, from around the world to network, meet new friends, build business and personal relationships, and help/support each other.  FIP's website is www.filipinoip.org.

Vic was born in Nueva Ecija, Philippines. He went to grade and high schools in Angeles City, Pampanga, at the Angeles University Foundation (AUF), where he graduated as class valedictorian. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) degree from the University of the Philippines (Diliman) in Metro Manila. Vic worked as a Senior Market Research Executive with Frank Small & Associates (FS&A) in Makati City before moving to Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) to work for Sony as a Sales/Marketing Executive. While working for Sony, Vic traveled for work to Bahrain, Kuwait, and Yemen. He also worked in Jakarta, Indonesia as an Associate Research Director for Ipsos - a market research company.

Vic moved to the USA for his Master in Business Administration (MBA) degree from Bowling Green State University (BGSU) in Bowling Green, Ohio. More recently, Vic also earned a Master of Global Management (MGM) degree from the Thunderbird School of Global Management (T-Bird) in Glendale, Arizona. In the USA, Vic worked as a Senior Research Analyst for NFO Worldwide/TNS Global in Atlanta, Georgia, and as a Senior Research Manager for Harris Interactive in Reston, Virginia - both market research suppliers. He lived in Topeka, Kansas for a work assignment. Vic has traveled to almost 40 US states for either business or leisure, or both.

Vic, now a naturalized US citizen, is currently Director of International Relations for a group of companies in Canonsburg/ Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Southpointe Marcellus Shale Chamber of Commerce, Southpointe Telecom, and Southpointe Global Marketing & Consulting.

Questions? Please email info@filipinoip.org. Salamat po!/Thank you!